Does the winner of the Veterans Business Battle get prize money?

No, at this time, a cash prize is not offered. Winners will receive investment offers in the form of loans, cash in exchange for company equity or royalty fees, or partnerships.

What if I don't know how much money I need for my business?

Veterans Business Battle wants to help businesses reach greater success and growth. To get tangible offers and results, it is required that every company evaluate their business and secureelop a clear request for investors.

How many winners will there be?

It is the goal of the Veterans Business Battle for as many finalists as possible to receive investment offers. In 2015, winners in several categoryies received investment offers. In addition, finalists who were not a named winner were approached after the event with investment offers as well. Veterans Business Battle cannot guarantee that every participant will receive an offer, however. Much of this depends on your business plan and request.

What kind of investment terms can I expect?

This varies widely but you can expect offers for equity, loans or a combination of the two. You will want to carefully consider the type of funding you are looking for.

What kinds of things will investors want to know about my business?

Be prepared with as many facts and figures as you can give them about your product or services. It’s helpful to research your competition, have specific data on your sales figure and project your market growth. In addition, a list of typical financial documents investors may require is available for download here.