What is Veterans Biz Battle?

Veterans Business Battle is a two-day competition in which veteran entrepreneurs compete for the chance to raise capital from investors and lenders. Beyond the competition, it is also an excellent workshop for a veteran entrepreneur in early stages of business development. Applicants have the opportunity to develop their pitch and receive feedback from business professionals, network with potential investors, and learn from other entrepreneurial success stories.

How are applicants selected?

Prospective applicants apply at vetbizbattle.com. Within 10 days after applying online, applicants will be contacted by a member of VIBA to discuss the application. Your designated VIBA Member will review the application and offer advice on how to best complete the application.

Selection VIBA Members and a group of investors will evaluate completed applications. The completeness of your application and the strength of your pitch on paper are the main criteria for selecting contestants to attend VBB. 


What are the events?

Veterans’ Pitch to Investors. This is the core of VBB. On Day 1 (Friday) of VBB, each contestant presents their business plan and a one-minute elevator pitch “elevator pitch”. Both pitches are delivered to a group of investors in a classroom setting. Applicants have up to 10 minutes to deliver their full presentation using audio/video if desired. Elevator pitches should be 1minute in length and will be delivered without audio/video. Based upon these presentations, four finalists are chosen by the judges to compete on Saturday. These four finalists refine their full presentations and deliver them again at the VBB Awards Reception on Saturday.

All contestants also compete again on Saturday in the Elevator Pitch competition, where each contestant again delivers his or her 1 minute elevator pitch. The winner receives a cash prize.  

Workshops (Saturday). Several workshops on different aspects of entrepreneurship are offered, including a panel of past VBB winners.

Business Booths (Saturday). This event gives veteran entrepreneurs the opportunity to set up a booth to present their businesses to the public. This doubles as another opportunity to meet with potential investors.  

Networking lunch (Saturday). In addition to a formal presentation, this extended lunch (provided to all VBB participants) offers an excellent networking opportunity for VBB contestants.

Awards Reception and Presentation (Saturday). This event features heavy hors d’ oeuvres and the final two VBB competition events: The Elevator Pitch Competition between all contestants and the Full Pitch Competition between the four finalists. The Veteran Entrepreneur of the Year award will be presented, and the event will conclude with the presentation of an investment check to the winner of the 2018 Veterans Business Battle.


What is the role of the VIBA MBA candidates?

Students will be available to support applicants develop an effective and efficient pitch. They will provide guidance prior to the event on topics such as Profit and Loss Statements, Proformas, Balance Sheets, Income Statements, and any other supporting material that will help investors gain insight into the company. Additionally, students will help with pitch rehearsals, travel plan development, and coordination throughout the event. Students will act only as an advisor for the event and will not provide guidance or advice with issues pertaining to the product or company unless requested.

What is the role of the coaches?

Many applicants will be taking on equity or debt for the first time. Each applicant will be assigned a coach that can provide guidance to applicants during and after the event as they navigate through the investment process. These coaches will provide insight gained through their experiences with topics including debt structure, business valuation, loss of equity, and stock dilution. Participating entrepreneurs provide a valuable service and should be committed to ensuring that applicants are well prepared to take the next step with their business.

What is the role of the investors?

The success of Vet Biz Battle is largely dependent on the involvement of investors. Investors help to ensure mutual success by providing applicants with needed capital in return for an expected return on their investment. Capital can be provided in various forms of equity or debt and there are no set restrictions on the terms of investment proposals. Following the event, investors will conduct additional due diligence prior to issuing any funds. Lastly, we encourage applicants to be proactive in cooperating with investors throughout the due diligence process to ensure a smooth transaction if an investment offer is made.




November 11, 2017

Online Applications Open

November 20, 2017 – January 19, 2018

VBB Coaches Contact Applicants and Discuss Applications

 (within 10 days after online submission)


February 16, 2018

VBB Contestants Notified

February 16 – April 13, 2018

VBB Coaches Help Contestants Prepare for VBB

April 2, 2018

Contestant Travel Plans Due to Coaches